3 Main Differences Between a Flat-Bed & Rollback Heavy-Duty Towing Truck

Whether your car has a mechanical problem or has been in an accident, you’ll most likely need a tow truck to come to the rescue. There are a couple of types of heavy-duty towing trucks that can cater to the needs of your car. The drivers of San Dieg, CA, call on C&A 24 Hour San Diego Towing to transport their vehicle safely after an accident. Below, their team outlines the differences between rollback and flat-bed tow trucks so that you know which one you’ll need if you ever experience car damage.

3 Things to Know About Flat-Bed & Rollback Heavy-Duty Towing Trucks

1. Appearance

As its name suggests, a flat-bed truck has a flat platform. A rollback truck has a flat platform as well, but has an additional hydraulics system. This is helpful in easily loading cars onto the bed.

2. Towing Method

The simple, flat platform of a flat-bed truck is meant to pull heftier objects, such as cars. The car or object can be secured onto the bed, but it requires an additional ramp or pulley system that can carry the object onto the bed. The special hydraulics system on a rollback truck gives it the ability to tilt so that an object can be driven or pulled onto the bed.

3. Purpose

Since a flat-bed truck has a more rudimentary and fixed towing bed, it’s best used for cars that have less severe problems or for heavy construction equipment that cannot be driven on the road. A rollback tow truck is better for a car that has been seriously damaged, especially if the wheels are out of commission, because it’s easier to move the car onto the truck with the angled bed. A rollback truck is also better for emergency situations because the bed’s angle can be altered to better move the vehicle in various environments and spaces.

Do you need a reliable and affordable towing service to take your car off the road? Give C&A 24 Hour San Diego Towing a call at (619) 689-7443. Regardless of whether you need big rig towing or commercial vehicle towing, their professionals have both the flat-bed and rollback heavy-duty towing trucks to accomplish safe vehicle recovery. Visit their website to learn more about their services, including their 24/7 emergency towing assistance.

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