La Jolla Cove Beach is located at the northeast end of Scripps Park in La Jolla. This beach is protected by a rocky point which blocks waves rolling in front the west most of the time and creates a safe swimming beach. Since it is north facing, there are shaded areas at the back of the beach. It is very popular on sunny days and because of its size you probably won’t get a spot unless you are there early. Two beautiful sets of stairs lead you down from the grass park above. At the south end of the cove there is a tunnel through the rock wall that you can explore if you’re willing to hop around on large boulders. TIde pools can be found at the end of the tunnel and divers love this spot because of the easy entrance and great diving. Parking near the park can be difficult so plan to drive around on Coast Boulevard looking for a spot then walking a ways to get there. From La Jolla Cove you can walk north or south along the bluffs that have a wide walkway above them. This path is known as the La Jolla Coast Walk Trail. Birds and Seals on the rocks can be watched from the bluff trail, but note that this is a smelly area. 

You can still watch from a distance along the sea wall and might even see a birth! If you don’t see any seals directly on the sandy beach at the cove, direct your gaze towards the rock straight ahead, this is known as Seal Rock, another favorite seal hangout. We typically see them on the rock closer to sundown, after they have gone out in search of food. Another option is to take a kayak tour, which goes right by many of the seals’ hangout spots. When it’s open, the children’s pool is another great place to watch Pacific Ocean wildlife. Its waters are protected as an underwater park and ecological reserve, which means restrictions are put in place to protect all the animals.

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