Discovered by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542, San Diego is considered a young city but don’t let that fool you! San Diego has a rich and colorful past that includes exciting occurrences involving conquistadores and rum runners from Mexico. Although there is much to learn about San Diego’s most popular attractions, we have decided to pick one and give you a quick history lesson so you can understand your beautiful home city. Originally called Punta De Los Muertos, the village is located in the heart of San Diego’s downtown waterfront area and is full of popular shops and artisanal eateries. Built in 1978, the Seaport Village is actually built on top of a landfill where those who died of scurvy were buried during a 1782 expedition. But have no fear! Seaport Village bears no resemblance to a landfill. The village is set up like a little town of mini with a network of cute shops and eateries lining the paved walkway that leads to the water. You can find a beautiful, old carousel ride right in the heart of the village making it family friendly and exciting. While in Seaport Village, you can see many street performers work their magic, which makes the entire experience very family oriented. Feeling hungry? Don’t forget to check out the Harbor House restaurant, the oldest eatery in the village, which serves fresh seafood. 

Situated in downtown San Diego, the popular Seaport Village is nestled between the historic USS Midway Aircraft Carrier and the San Diego Convention Center, which hosts the original Comic-Con. The shopping, dining and entertainment area attracts locals as well as visitors from all over the world. Encompassing 14 acres, it is home to more than 70 galleries, retail shops and eateries featuring architectural styles that span the gamut from Victorian to Spanish Revival. Laid out like a pirate’s treasure map, winding pathways lead visitors on a journey of discovery in the pedestrian-friendly complex.

During the day, visitors can explore the attractions with dramatic views of the San Diego Harbor as their backdrop. The venue is a great place to find a special keepsake or just enjoy a few hours of fun and music. In addition to being a kid-friendly entertainment destination during the day, Seaport Village is a place where couples can enjoy a romantic meal while watching a beautiful sunset. The sun-drenched promenade is a popular area for runners and others who want to unwind. The wide assortment of dining, shopping and fun activities is designed to please every taste and budget.

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